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This series features segments from various Conference workshops that will give you encouragement and insight for your journey from Mormonism to a new spiritual home.

Michael Wilder: I Used to Think I Was a Religious Righteous Holy Man Until I Met Jesus

The Beauty of Grace

Michael Wilder explains the biblical basis for salvation by grace alone – at the 2018 Faith After Mormonism Conference.

Our Amazing Atonement

Michael Wilder explains the powerful work of salvation that Jesus offers to sinners – at the 2018 Faith After Mormonism Conference.

Lynn Wilder: Emotional and Relational Challenges During Transition

Setting Boundaries from Family Pressure

During faith transition, set boundaries with family members so that family doesn’t get between you and your relationship with God.

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Using the Bible to Share with LDS

You can have fruitful faith conversations with Latter-day Saints by asking questions from the Bible.

The Six Stages of Grief in a Faith Transition

Navigating a faith transition can feel a lot like going through the stages of grief – but there is hope at the end of the road.

When Am I Ready to Start a Ministry?

Many former Mormons are needed to minister to newly transitioning Mormons, but not without the time and work required to reshape a solid new identity in Christ and his word.

Toxic Thinking

How to overcome toxic thinking by replacing old thought patterns with God’s truth.

LDS People Are Not the Enemy

It feels like LDS people who oppose are the enemy, but remember that they are only acting out of their deception.

James Wakefield: What’s Your Story? Two Very Different Ways of Being in the World

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Ross Anderson: Seven Steps through the Swamp – Mapping the Journey to a Vibrant New Faith

Hope For Your Journey to a New Identity

A faith transition is challenging, but you can arrive safely at a healthy new spiritual home. This video introduces the series 7 Steps through the Swamp: Mapping the Journey to a Vibrant New Faith.

Transition Step 1: Decide Who to Trust

After feeling lied to and betrayed, it is hard to trust again. The first step to a new faith identity is to develop discernment, so you can give your trust to those who are actually trustworthy.

Transition Step 2: Handle Difficult Emotions

A journey to a healthy new faith means learning to deal with emotions like loss, anger, and fear.

Transition Step 3: Sort Out Your Worldview

As you discover new ideas in your quest for truth, it is important to connect all the dots into a coherent, consistent worldview. From the 2018 Faith After Mormonism Conference.

Transition Step 4: Handle New Freedom

Coming out of a controlling religious environment, every former Latter-day Saint needs to learn how to responsibly exercise their new lifestyle freedom. From the 2018 Faith After Mormonism Conference.

Transition Step 5: Connect to a New Community

Relationships are challenging, but to keep growing after leaving Mormonism, we need to connect with people who can provide encouragement and support.

Transition Step 6: Develop a New Identity

A healthy life after Mormonism involves redefining our sense of self from the identity shaped by past culture to find an identity defined by a relationship with Jesus.

Transition Step 7: Embrace Your New Purpose

There is one purpose that Jesus has given to every Christ-follower, which is to make disciples of him.