This page features all the sessions from the 2019 Faith After Mormonism Conference. We trust they will give you encouragement and insight for your journey from Mormonism to a new spiritual home.

Session 1: Former Latter-day Saints Tell Their Faith Stories

Hear several former Mormons reflect on their journey out of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints into historic, biblical Christian faith.

Session 2: Lisa Brockman’s Personal Story

Lisa Brockman, author of the book Out of Zion, shares her story of leaving Mormonism for a living faith in Jesus Christ, and what God has done in her life since.

Session 3: Six Mistakes New Ex-Mormons Make

Former Mormon Tracy Tennant describes the common pitfalls people fall into as they transition out of Mormonism to a biblical faith.

Session 4: From Human Doing to Human Being: Abiding in Jesus After Mormonism

Fred Anson reviews Jesus’ words in John 15 to explain how to live a Christian life by drawing on Jesus’ life and power, rather than being driven by religious expectations.

Session 5: Re-Imagining Spiritual Practices: From Burdens to Invitations

In Mormonism, spiritual practices like prayer or scripture reading are seen as duties to be performed to be worthy. Lisa Brockman explains how, in Christ, these same practices are not burdens, but invitations to intimacy with Jesus.

Session 6: A Conversation with Sandra Tanner

Sandra Tanner of Utah LIghthouse MInistry shares penetrating insights gained from her own faith transition, along with years of counseling with people as they exit from Mormonism. With Ross Anderson.