Session 1: An Encounter with Jesus

Pastor Scott McKinney shares an intriguing Bible story about what Jesus would say to a person who no longer finds community in her religious culture, but who is searching for answers to her deepest needs.

Session 2: Hope for the Journey – The Roots We Need

Former Mormon Ross Anderson, the founder of Faith After Mormonism, discusses how to put down new roots when you’re wrestling with the journey from Mormonism to a new kind of faith in Jesus.

Session 3: A Fresh Perspective on the Bible

Pastor Nick Winder shares what he learned after he left Mormonism about reasons to look at the Bible in a new way – reasons that encourage us to believe in the credibility of the Bible.

Session 4: Making Sense of Temples

Mary Jane Badger explains the rich spiritual significance of the biblical temple, especially in contrast to what she was taught about temples as a member of the LDS Church.

Session 5: Gaining Wisdom and Avoiding Bear Traps

A faith transition is tricky, but you don’t have to make the same mistakes that others have made before you. Fred Anson shares a number of insightful principles that will make your journey much easier.

Session 6: How to Help Former Latter-day Saints Grow in Christ

Someone helped you navigate the challenges of your faith transition. In light of that, Ross Anderson challenges us all to be available to help someone else along the path, and shares some helpful tools that make it possible for anyone to do so.

Session 7: Purpose, Call, and the Meaning of it All – Discovering Answers to Life’s Big Questions

Lea Ann Asbury asks the big questions: What gives life meaning and purpose? What is our destiny? What is the basis for morality? Then she explains how the Bible answers those crucial questions, compared to what we understood when we were Latter-day Saints.