This page features the workshops and general sessions from the 2021 Faith After Mormonism Conference. We trust they will give you encouragement and insight for your journey from Mormonism to a new spiritual home.

Session 1: Mormon Friends and Family – Navigating These Relation – “ships” to Share the Gospel

Joseph Warren of Adam’s Road Ministry shares how to be bold but not overbearing witnesses of the Gospel to friends and family, with tactical advice and suggestions on how to foster relationships of love without compromising beliefs.

Session 2: How to Love and Teach Mormon Missionaries the Gospel of Grace

Matt Wilder of Adam’s Road Ministry shares how to develop relationships of trust with the missionaries, despite major doctrinal differences, in order to teach missionaries the Gospel using the Socratic method of asking questions.

Session 3: Religion to Relationship – Equipping Christians with an Understanding of the Process

Micah Wilder of Adam’s Road Ministry explains the challenging transformation that Latter-day Saints go through when they leave their religion, so Christians can know how to share with them and help them along on their spiritual journey.

Session 4: Discover the Joy of Intimacy with God

Does your Jesus time feel more like a sacrifice than a gift? Your approach to Bible study and prayer makes ALL the difference. Kimberly Krey explains how.

Session 5: What Really Matters to God?

Faith After Mormonism founder Ross Anderson shares from Philippians 3 about how a person’s entire approach to knowing and serving God is radically transformed when they encounter Jesus.