This page features selected workshops and general sessions from the 20212 Faith After Mormonism Conference. We trust they will give you encouragement and insight for your journey from Mormonism to a new spiritual home.

Session 1: The Incomparable Jesus

Ross Anderson of Utah Advance Ministries explains the most important difference between Mormonism and biblical Christianity: the person of Jesus.

Session 2: Walking a New Path – Mental  Health After Faith Transitions

David and Katy Johnson of Ogden Center for Change explain the importance of maintaining your sanity and emotional stability during a faith transition – and how to do it.

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Session 3: What Does the Bible Say About _______ ?

Nick Winder, pastor at Grace Church (Layton, UT) and Ross Anderson, pastor at Alpine Church (multiple locations), answer audience questions about biblical topics. Both speakers are former Latter-day Saints.

Session 4: Let Them Have Their Trip – Interacting with Family About Your Faith Transition

Mary Jane Badger offers practical wisdom about how to navigate relationship with LDS family members, including how to set meaningful boundaries.