Conference Theme: The Roots We Need

Our purpose is to provide encouragement and insight for people leaving Mormonism to explore a new faith home in historic, biblical Christianity. You will hear encouraging stories and receive helpful resources for your journey.

This Year’s Event Is Live and On-line

We have learned that many in our audience are hesitant to attend an in-person event this fall, and we do not feel we would have enough interest to justify the resources. While we will miss the great interactions that have been part of past events, we are excited about the potential of an on-line event to reach many more people, include those outside of Utah and others who would prefer to remain anonymous.

The 2020 Leaders’ Forum

The Leaders’ Forum is a separate event free for Christian pastors and leaders.
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More Information

To learn more about the Conference schedule, the speakers, and other details, click here.


Friday night’s sessions are open to the public without cost. Saturday’s workshops will require a
low-cost subscription to cover the costs of the event. We are still working out how to handle registration and how much it will cost. Watch for more information.

Important Details

The Conference will be live, meaning that you must be logged in and ready to go if you don’t want to miss anything. It will also be interactive, allowing you to ask questions and make comments
through a chat function. The format will be adapted for online viewing, meaning shorter sessions
with more variety. All sessions will be recorded, and will available on line in the future for free,
but without any interactive elements.

The Faith After Mormonism Conference is sponsored and directed by Utah Advance Ministries.