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When examined carefully, the Bible proves to be a historically reliable document worthy of our trust.

Key Points:

  • The Abundance of Manuscripts
  • The Unity of the Bible’s Message.
  • Archaeological Evidence
  • Eyewitness Testimony
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls

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Talk About It
  1. Why is it important for Christians to know that the Bible we have today is reliable?
  2. What difference would it make to your faith if there were no evidence to support Biblical events? What difference does it make knowing there is abundant evidence?
  3. Read Luke 1:1-4. Why is it important that the earliest gospel accounts, Matthew, Mark and Luke, were written and in circulation while there were still many living witnesses of these events?
  4. What did the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls show about the copying method used by the ancient scribes? Why is this significant in trusting the Bible?
  5. It was said that both the Old and New Testament have a common theme – God’s relationship with humans. How does the Old Testament show this? The New Testament?
  6. Describe how Jesus is the focus of the Old Testament.
  7. Describe how Jesus is the focus of the New Testament.

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