Watch the video above and talk about it with a friend or mentor.

Grace is not freedom to live a sinful life, but the favor of God extended unconditionally to the people who need it most.

Key Points:

  • Grace Is Not a Major Topic in Mormonism
  • Grace Is the Attitude by Which God Gives His Gifts Freely
  • Grace Answers the Human Condition
  • Grace Doesn’t Mean We Can Live a Sinful Life

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Talk About It
  1. Watch the video together or invite someone to summarize the topic.
  2. What is your initial reaction to this video? Do you disagree with any of it? What jumped out at you?
  3. When you were lDS, did your family and friends talk about grace much? What was the main message you heard about grace in Mormonism?
  4. What seems to be the main message you are hearing about grace in the churches you have attended since?
  5. Read Ephesians 2:8-10. What is the role of grace in our salvation?
  6. Is there anything about grace that you find hard to grasp? Explain.
  7. Talk about how grace answers the human condition.
  8. Read Romans 6:1-2. What reason does the Bible give why grace is not permission to go on sinning.
  9. Read Romans 6:15-16. Why is sin incompatible with God’s grace?
  10. Write a personal action step based on this conversation.

This is part of the Clarifying Salvation After Mormonism series.