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In this training series, learn how to help a former Mormon make a successful transition to a new faith in Christ and to a healthy new relationship with a Christian church.

#1 Mentoring Former Mormons

You can help former Latter-day Saints with the unique emotional and doctrinal issues they must navigate to become full-circle followers of Jesus.

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#2 Mormonism as a Cultural Identity

To help a former Mormon find a new identity in Christ, you must understand that Mormonism is not just a belief system, but an all-encompassing identity.

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#3 Helping Former Mormons on the Cultural Journey

We can help former Mormons most not by focusing on beliefs alone, but by helping them work through culture shock and discover a new identity in Christ.

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#4 Dealing with Loss

One issue many transitioning Mormons face is a sense of loss – and the grief that goes with it.

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#5 Helping Former Mormons Deal with Loss

A caring mentor can help former Mormons cope with loss and rebuild their personal identity – apart from the LDS church.

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