Watch the video above and talk about it with a friend or mentor.

Coming out of a controlling religious environment, every former Latter-day Saint needs to learn how to responsibly exercise their new lifestyle freedom. From the 2018 Faith After Mormonism Conference.

Key Points:

  • Anything goes?
  • Using new freedom wisely.

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Talk About It
  1. What are some confusing choices you have faced as you transition out of Mormonism?
  2. Why do some former Mormons go overboard on lifestyle choices after leaving the LDS Church?
  3. Read Galatians 5:1. What are Christians set free from?
  4. Read Galatians 5:13. What are the boundaries of that freedom?
  5. What does it mean to use your freedom to serve others in love?
  6. What principles have you learned to help you make lifestyle choices as an ex-Mormon Christian?

This is part of the 7 Steps through the Swamp: Mapping the Journey to a Vibrant New Faith series, and also part of the 2018 Faith After Mormonism Conference series.