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Jesus' purpose in coming to this earth was to die for the sins of humanity that separate us from our Creator.

Key Points:

  • The four gospel accounts speak to different audiences
  • The four gospel accounts tell the same story of Jesus
  • The four gospel accounts show the work of Jesus was to die for us

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Talk About It
  1. Jesus was “born to die”. Read Genesis 3:15. How does God’s promise there relate to Jesus’ purpose in coming?
  2. What does it mean “to pay our sin debt, the innocent for the guilty”?
  3. Read John 2:13-22. This records Jesus’ first conflict with the Jews in Jerusalem. The author if this account, John the Apostle, tells his readers what Jesus’ words meant. Discuss what John is explaining. Why is it important to note that He said these things at the very beginning of His ministry?
  4. Read Matthew 26:26-28 and Luke 22:19-20. What was Jesus demonstrating through this action? What was He indicating about His purpose in coming?
  5. What did Jesus want people to believe about Him? That He was a good man, a great teacher, or a fine example of how to live? Or was it something else?
  6. What do you believe about Jesus?

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