Watch the video above and talk about it with a friend or mentor.

Many key Bible passages take on a new meaning as one transitions from Mormonism - including Ephesians 2:8-10.

Key Points:

  • What Is Grace?
  • What Is Faith?
  • What Is the Role of Good Works?

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Talk About It
  1. Watch the video together or invite someone to summarize the topic.
  2. What is your initial reaction to this video? Do you disagree with any of it? What jumped out at you?
  3. How did you understand grace as a Latter-day Saint? How has your concept of grace changed?
  4. How did you think about faith as a Latter-day Saint? How has your concept of faith changed?
  5. Have you ever received a gift that you had to earn? What happened?
  6. How does the idea of giving and receiving gifts help you understand how salvation by grace works?
  7. Discuss the relative strengths and weaknesses of using words “believe”, “trust”, and “rely” to describe the biblical idea of faith. What other words would you use?
  8. How is a life of good works compatible with salvation by grace alone through faith alone?
  9. Write a personal action step based on this conversation.