September 22-23

The Salt Mine Productive Workspace

7984 S. 1300 E.   Sandy, UT

Who Should Attend

This event is for people leaving Mormonism who want to explore a new faith home in biblical Christianity. Through speakers, workshops and individual interactions, it provides encouragement and insight to help on the journey of transition. You will receive helpful resources and meet others on a similar path.

The conference also provides wisdom and practical resources for those who help transitioning Latter-day Saints, such as pastors, small group leaders, campus ministers, counselors, etc.

This Year’s Theme: How to Find the Help You Need for Your Journey


The cost to register is $30 per person, which includes lunch on Saturday. A limited number of spots are available at $15 each for event volunteers.

Registration is closed at 10:00 pm September 21. Walk-ups are welcome at the regular price.

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Salt Mine Productive Work Center

7984 S 1300 E, Sandy, UT 84094

Event Schedule—Friday, September 22

6:00 PM:  Doors open + Registration
6:30 PM:  Large Group
     Conversation: How Others Can Help You on Your Journey
     Optional: Individual Support Room. Leave the main session to visit a space where you can get support, receive prayer, or ask questions.
9:00 PM:  Doors Close

Event Schedule—Saturday, September 23

8:15 AM:  Doors Open + Registration
9:00 – Large Group: Why You Can Trust the Bible
9:10 – Breakout: For Mentors
10:10 AM – Connection Groups
10:50 – Workshops
11:50 – Connection Groups
12:20 PM – Lunch
1:00 – Workshops
2:00 – Connection Groups
2:45 – Workshops
3:45 – Open time
4:30 PM:  Doors Close


Why You Can Trust the Bible  (Eric Johnson)
In Saturday’s  plenary session, we will consider how, along with other types of evidence, the results of archaeology demonstrate that the Bible remains highly reliable. Far from being corrupted over time, can be trusted to tell us the truth. This lecture will be supported by a display of ancient artifacts. 

Triage: What to Do First in a Faith Crisis  (Trevor Lovell)
In medicine, “triage” is about how to choose the actions most needed to establish someone’s health. The principle applies to a faith transition. This workshop will explore how to survive the crisis moment, how to get stabilized, and how to choose the most meaningful steps in the process.

Find Resources for Your Journey  (Danny Martin & Ross Anderson)
So much information is available to help us through a faith transition. But what are the best sources out there? This workshop will highlight some of the most helpful web sites, podcasts, books, YouTube channels, and more, for people who still want faith after leaving Mormonism.

Making Good Choices After Religion  (Daniel & Kimberly Shugert)
For many people leaving an authoritative faith system, lifestyles choices becoming confusing. How do I “choose the right” without a religious institution telling me how to live? For Christians, the answers are in the Bible. In this workshop, will learn some simple Bible study skills that will help you discern what guidance the Bible gives to important everyday choices.


One important goal of the Conference is to connect you with other people who understand your journey. In these groups, you will get together with people who live nearest to you, to help you find allies, make new friends, and process what you are learning and feeling at the Conference.


We want you to leave with resources for the next steps in your pathway. For this reason, we have assembled a collection of books on topics that you may find helpful. The books will be on display, and available for sale, all day Saturday. Proceeds go to the Utah Christian Research Center in Draper.

Speakers and Workshop Leaders at the 2022 Conference:

Ross Anderson is author of Understanding Your Mormon Neighbor, Jesus Without Joseph and other titles. Ross grew up in an active LDS family. He is director of Utah Advance Ministries, founder of Faith After Mormonism and a Pastor at Alpine Church.

Trevor Lovell came to Utah in 2022 to become Pastor of Teaching and Discipleship at South Mountain Community Church.

Eric Johnson has ministered at Mormonism Research Ministry (MRM) since 1989. After teaching high school, college, and seminary classes, Eric came to Utah in 2010 with MRM. He had authored or coauthored six books, including Answering Mormons’ Questions and Introducing Christianity to Mormons. 

Danny Martin– As a staff member at Utah Advance Ministries, Danny supports events and provides content. A gifted author and photographer, he currently serves as Associate Pastor at City On a Hill Church

Daniel & Kimberly Shugert – Staff members at Utah Advance Ministries, the Shugerts are active in evangelism and mentoring through strategic personal relationships. They also help lead our mentor team, train new mentors, coordinate events, and produce the CultureWise podcast.

Ross Anderson

Trevor Lovell

Eric Johnson

Danny Martin

Daniel & Kimberly Shugert

Important Details

  • Child care is not provided for this event. Older children are invited to attend with a paid ticket.
  • The ticket price includes lunch on Saturday. We are not able to accommodate special dietary needs at lunch; please plan accordingly.
  • The ticket price also includes free drinks from the coffee bar on Saturday morning. But we expect a fairly long line, so be sure to come early enough to take advantage!
  • If you register as a volunteer, you will be assigned to help with practical duties as part of a team on the days of the Conference.

Remote Viewing Option

The Conference will not be live streamed this year, but we will record the sessions and post them shortly after the Conference is over.

The Faith After Mormonism Conference is sponsored and directed by Utah Advance Ministries.