Watch the video above and talk about it with a friend or mentor.

What does it mean that human beings are made in God's image? In what sense are humans fallen and sinful?

Key Points:

  • God created human beings in his image.
  • God created a moral boundary to which humans were accountable.
  • Satan tempted the first humans to step over God’s boundary.
  • The human choice to rebel against God created a cosmic catastrophe.

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Talk About It
  1. Read Genesis 1:26-28. How does this answer the questions, “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”
  2. What does it mean to be made “in God’s image”?
  3. Read Genesis 1:31. What was God’s verdict about the world he made? How does this compare to the condition of the world as we observe it today?
  4. Read Genesis 2:16-17. Why does God have authority over the humans? Why does he set the boundaries and penalties?
  5. Read Genesis 3:1-13. What happened to God’s “very good” creation?
  6. What role did Satan, Eve, and Adam each play?
  7. What tactics did Satan use in his temptation? How has he used these same tactics in your life?
  8. Read Romans 5:12-19 and Romans 8:20-22. What are the results of our first parents’ sin?
  9. Read Genesis 3:15. What promise did God make in response to human rebellion?
  10. Read Isaiah 53:6. How does the Fall affect each of us?

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