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Explore how to survive and thrive as a minority living in the midst of a dominant religious culture.

#1 Living as a Religious Minority

In Utah, Mormonism is like a part of the air we breathe. Mormons often dominate in society. That may seem daunting to non-Mormons, especially newcomers. But there is hope.

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#2 Introduction to LDS Culture and Beliefs

This topic provides a brief summary of what Mormons believe and how they live, to help non-Mormons understand how our neighbors think and what matters to them.

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#3 Mormons and Non-Mormons

This lesson explores how Mormons typically relate to non-Mormons, in order to understand the attitudes and experiences one can expect to face as a member of a religious minority in Utah.

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#4 How Would Jesus Relate to Mormons?

To help us understand how to respond to our LDS neighbors, we should consider the example of how Jesus might relate to Latter-day Saints – based on his interaction with Samaritans.

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