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This 6-week track will help you transfer your trust from a religion toward God himself.

#1 Regaining Trust After Mormonism

The Bible can help you regain the trust in God that was broken when you discovered the truth about Mormonism.

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#2 I Believe in God, but Don’t Trust Him Fully

When life gets hard, do you trust in yourself or God?

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#3 You Don’t Have to Be an Atheist After Leaving Mormonism

Many people leaving Mormonism reject all religion. But there are good reasons to reconsider a relationship with God in a new way.

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#4 Hebrews 11: Noah – Always Trust God

Noah makes the faith Hall of Fame because he was willing to trust God at his Word, even when it sounded a little crazy. His decision to trust God was literally the difference between life and death.

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#5 Psalm 121 – Learning to Trust in God’s Protection

Psalm 121 is part of a group of Psalms called the “Songs of Ascent,” which were sung each year by the Israelite people as they would make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem to worship God at the temple. This psalm is a meditation on God’s protection in our lives.

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#6 Can We Trust Our Feelings to Know What Is True?

Can we determine truth through feelings, beliefs, and experiences? Or is there a better standard?

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