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This series gives advice on how to have meaningful faith conversations with Latter-day Saints.

#1 What to Do If a Mormon Comes-a-Knockin’

If Mormon missionaries come to your door and ask to come in, don’t be a jerk about it. Respect what they have to say and invite them to do the same for you.

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#2 Mormonism’s Language Barrier

Whenever an evangelical Christian and a Latter-day Saint discuss beliefs, they soon encounter the problem of terminology. To have meaningful faith conversations, never assume that your LDS friend understands common terms the way you do.

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#3 How Would Jesus Relate to Mormons?

To help us understand how to respond to our LDS neighbors, we should consider the example of how Jesus might relate to Latter-day Saints – based on his interaction with Samaritans.

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#4 Mentoring Former Mormons

Trained mentors can help former Mormons navigate challenging issues to gain a new identity and new purpose.

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