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This 13-week track focuses on understanding salvation from a Biblical viewpoint compared to Mormonism.

#1 Living in Grace After Mormonism

Grace is not freedom to live a sinful life, but the favor of God extended unconditionally to the people who need it most.

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#2 Being a Child of God After Mormonism

No one is born a child of God. We become his children by adoption, which opens us a wonderful relationship of closeness to God as our loving father.

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#3 Understanding the Cross After Mormonism

The cross is more than just the way Jesus died. Christians honor the cross because there Jesus secured our eternal salvation.

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#4 The Mormon View of Atonement

Both traditional Christians and Mormons speak of Christ’s atonement, but the word means different things to both groups.

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#5 Gaining a New Identity After Mormonism

When a person leaves Mormonism, much of his or her identity is stripped away. But we can build a new identity based on a relationship with God.

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#6 What Does It Mean to Be a “Child of God”?

The Bible calls God our “Heavenly Father”. What does it mean that we are his children?

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#7 The Cross of Jesus and the Altar

Have you ever wonder what is the point of the Old Testament sacrifices? Find out in this lesson on the Atonement.

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#8 The Cross of Jesus and the Courtroom

The Bible pictures every human standing before God in his courtroom. This powerful image shows us how desperate our need for help truly is.

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#9 Can Our Works Save Us?

Coming Soon.

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#10 Why Christianity Is Different

The Grace Narrative requires each of us to recognize that we are sinners, and not better than anyone – so we can never judge.

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#11 Getting to the Faith Moment in Christianity

Are you ready to start a relationship with God by trusting Jesus? This conversation will help you get to your defining moment of faith.

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#12 Is Religion Enough?

Most religions have a list of things that people are supposed to do and how people are supposed to act in order to please God. But, is this really what it is all about? Is this what God really wants from us?

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#13 Eve’s Sin – What Really Happened

Eve’s choice in the Garden of Eden was a catastrophe that ruined the human race – apart from the saving plan God set into motion through Jesus Christ.

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